Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7

Pacquiao vs Rios is going to be one of the most epic fights of the year and it all takes place in China in just under two weeks. To promote this fight, HBO has it’s 24/7 series which it debuted last Saturday. Episode one was more of a blast from the past, talking about all the controversy and events that got both Pacquiao and Rios to this point. In the first episode we see Pacquiao and his team reflecting on the Marquez fight. They went into that one with such a great game plan and the goal was to knock out Marquez and end the chapter once and for all. What ended up happening however was far different and would affect what happened in boxing over the last year. Marquez scored a stunning knockout at the bell in the end of the sixth round, and he went on to get knockout of the year. Like a true champion, Pacquiao intends on bouncing back from that defeat when he steps in the ring with Rios in Macau.

Rios vs Pacquiao 24/7

Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 Episode 1

In the first episode we get to know Brandon Rios a bit more and we get to know what Manny and his corner are thinking. Both fighters had to do a worldwide tour for the fight and they both visited China and went on the great wall and ot familiar with the people in various promotional event. Manny Pacquiao has had a rough year, from a controversial loss to Tim Bradley to a shocking knockout loss to Juan Marquez. Nobody could have predicted that Manny would lose two straight fights, but it happened and now he will be fighting his best to not make it a third straight vs tough, young, strong fighter Brandon Rios, who is coming off of the first defeat of his career at the hands of Mike Alvarado. Both of these fighters want it bad and it should create a great fight for the fans watching live in Macau and the millions watching Pacquiao vs Rios all over the world in various ways.

Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 Episode 2

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Episode two of the Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 series airs this Saturday on HBO and in it both fighters are putting the finishing touches on their training camp with the fight just under two weeks away. Rios will have to make the trip to China to get used to the time difference and to film various promotional footage, and Pacquiao is faced with a natural disaster Typhoon in his home country. Although the Typhoon did not affect Pacquiao’s training as far as location, it has surely affected his mentality as his people are suffering greatly. At this point the best thing Manny could do for his people is win because that would surely raise their hopes. In reality, the Typhoon could have been the best thing to happen to Pacquiao since he can use that as great motivation for the Pacquiao vs Rios fight. Check out the preview that HBO uploaded to YouTube of episode two below:

Rios Wants To Shut Everyone Up

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Ever since this fight was announced and the promotion began, Rios has been faced with questions and criticism. Many people are telling hi he has no chance vs Pacquiao, that all he does is move forward and this will cause him to suffer a great beating at the hands of Manny since that’s the type of fighter he loves to fight. Rios has been told he’s too slow, not slick enough and people have even gone as far as asking Manny about his next fight. This is boxing and one punch can change everything so it is a great mistake to under estimate Rios. The Pacquiao vs Rios fight will tell us alot about Manny and Rios and what kind of fighters they are.

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